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Why “Law, Politics and Trade”? The term globalization is usually used to refer to the intensification of international trades and investments on a global scale, but it is not only only this.Globalization is diffusion of trends, ideas and issues; it is a political and social interconnection.International law, with all its fields, has the goal to create the realm for states, individuals and entities’ interaction from all over the world. What we are witnessing is an osmosis process of the law through the human rights. International human right, nowadays, represents the benchmark of practicing and, the protection of them, the solution to violations, finding responsibilities.

Law Politics and Trade will take into consideration the main three aspects of a globalized world.

Law Politics and Trade will offer a network of qualified thinkers and professionals.

Law Politics and Trade will provide lawyers, consultation and research.

Law Politics and Trade will represent you. International human rights must always be respected.


The Lawyer in the Pocket!

LPT is an international platform which establishes international experts’ networking, sharing knowledge and practice. The world is rapidly changing, and we all need to take part to this transition period trying to turn the following era in a peaceful and respectful one. To do that, we need to understand the important of the International law and, above all, International Human Rights protection. LTP offers a skilled community, a hub of legal services taking part to the International law doctrine. Also, it offers consulting services on International issues and, more specifically, on Human Rights protection, representing clients.


The experimental and innovative idea was conceived by Alessandro Suppa, doctoral student in International Law and legal trainee in Criminal Law. He found the support of two good friends who believed in the idea: Ata Kahveci, international trade expert and researcher, serving in areas such as international service trade, logistics costs, industry 4.0; and Henri Josserand, international lawyer.
Together they built the website, they create the community, they advertised it. In other words, they built the base for the legal community to grow. They like to consider it a “start-up” because as the legal system is adapting to the social changes and challenges, the same the original idea will do.