* Swinging – Wassily Kandisky (1925). The title ‘Swinging’ captures this work’s sense of movement. He worked to create art that was free from all references to the material world. For him, colour in particular was essential for liberating art from representing the visible world.

When we gaze upon the journey of civilization, starting from hunter-gatherer until today, one thing can be realized quickly: tremendous change. Throughout the centuries humans only aimed to live in better conditions in terms of physiological needs (shelter, food, clothing) and safety needs (personal security, health, property). Imagine our ancestors were only able to collect fruits, or hunt in forests nearby constantly for survivals needs. Today we can buy anything we want in few minutes (or even seconds), goods that has been grown or produced all around the world.

Invention of the wheel was one of the first breakthrough to achieve it all. Apparently, the speed of change accelerated thanks to logistics and trade. Travelling to any destination all around the world is possible in less than 24 hours. Exporting or importing goods will be more complicated depending on the transportation mode, but still it is also possible in an average of about 7 days. Nowadays, environmental concern and even space logistics issues are on the horizon of discussion and make it possible.

We, “Law Politics and Trade” (LPT) are aware of the fact that there is not an adequate logistic and trade system and a lot of missing, an incorrect and hazardous part in it. It is needed to highlight the good parts and correct the wrong ones by contributing with our invaluable thoughts to create a better world and better future. LPT, as whole, is also concerned of the importance of respecting Human Rights in applying scientific logistical paradigms. LPT is a vessel to deliver your voice and message to the world and hopefully it will bring together people to create better community by spreading awareness. Then, a new path, a new project will start: the evolution. The revolution will start.

There is no limitation for picking a topic as long as related to logistics or international trade directly! (For example: supply chain management, green logistics, 4th party logistic, humanitarian logistics, optimization, logistics 4.0, urban logistics, international marketing, e-trade, trade regimes, trade/logistics information systems, payment method issues in international trade, international trade law, human rights in logistic/trade operations, international trade organizations, intercultural issues in trade etc.)

From the beginning of May, interesting articles, debates and research will be published every Wednesday. To simplify the reading of the article, LPT offers a new system of “reading assistance”, highlighting the keywords (involved in any case).

Moreover, LPT will attach to every article different paintings, giving at the end of the article a brief description.

If you want to be part of the community, or suggest topic to be explored send us an email.

We can make big difference if we stay together. Let’s start this journey.

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