What is Ecocide ? Can it be a powerful tool to fight against activities favouring climate change ? What is the state of public international law toward this question ?

*La persistencia de la memoria– Salvador Dali (1931). Memory subsists in the consequences of our actions. Humankind does not generally remember efficiently its own history, it forgets danger, pain, and benevolence. It becomes cupid, covetous, and certain. It eventually wakes up once feeling threaten. Time has flowed and It did not listen, did not observe. Now alone, quiet and still, It stairs at the clock. Too late it is.

Arthur Thévenet – Ph.D student in International Law

An article published by the Office of the ICC prosecutor, dated from September 2016, mentioned that one of the current priority is to investigate on facts concerning destruction of the environment connected with international crimes[1]. The topic of ecocide is intensively discussed in the international criminal law system but we can ask ourselves what strategy to adopt would be the most efficient to protect the planet.

Full article here.

Articolo completo qui.

[1] Amnesty International, “Au Cambodge, les voleurs de terre bientôt jugés”; https://www.amnesty.fr/justice-internationale-et-impunite/actualites/au-cambodge-les-voleurs-de-terre-bientot-juges

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